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Best Resource of High School Teachers Pay Teachers 2022

Resource of High School Teachers Pay Teachers

High School Teachers Pay Teachers is the place to be! Teachers Pay Teachers buyers and sellers are finding the wealth of resources available and plenty of room to grow.

Now here is a small sampling of some of the resource of High School Teachers Pay Teachers and stores that cater to the high school.

High School Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) Mathematics

High School Teachers Pay Teachers Mathematics
High School Teachers Pay Teachers Mathematics
  • Caryn White of Caryn Loves Math says, “My advice to buyers is not to limit your search to grades 9–12. Just today I was looking for an activity for my geometry class and found a 4th grade item that fit my goals exactly. After some minor modifications, it became a sideline.”
  • High School Math Essentials is ready with… the essentials.
  • Jennifer Lamb of the Teaching High School Math blog says, “I love using TPT to find new ways of doing things: new puzzles, new presentations, new ways to use technology. For example, I didn’t realize what QR codes were before looking at some resources on TPT. Now I have tried them in my classroom and my students love them!”
  • For the love of teaching math equation solving, Disco Frog Bingo defies the “if it’s for high school, it can’t be cute” rule, and is sure to get rave reviews!
  • Teaching Math by Hart offers a great giveaway called the Skyscraper Challenge: a team building activity. Check it out.

High School Teachers Pay Teachers Science

High School Teachers Pay Teachers Science
High School Teachers Pay Teachers Science
  • Science Stuff’s Amy Brown says, “Don’t create products for Teachers Pay Teachers, create materials for your classroom. If they are successful in your classroom, put them on Teachers Pay Teachers!”
  • Tangstar Science has taken groups of children to Costa Rica to study rainforest ecosystems and has over 200 biology and chemistry resources in its store.
  • Bond with James is stocking his shop with cool items, including his atomic structure task cards.
  • Teach with Fergy’s Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes Lesson – High School Chemistry is worth a look. Fergy suggests, “After you’ve built your inventory, you need to promote.”
  • April Cartwright is constantly growing her store. Her well-designed Mitosis Card Sort Set is a buyer’s favorite.
  • AwesomeScience does a good job of making products visually consistent and recognizable, but not too cutesy.

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Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) High School History and Social Studies

Teachers Pay Teachers High School History and Social Studies
Teachers Pay Teachers High School History and Social Studies

All Things History Lesson Plans offers cool themed crossword puzzles to engage and challenge your students.

For people thinking of becoming a High School Resource Salesperson, Linda Jennifer’s advice is:

  • Resist the urge to post too many articles at once.
  • Related to the first point is spending time on the Seller Forum. You can access invaluable information, not only to help navigate Teachers Pay Teachers, but for teaching in general. Forums also provide a sense of community where one can find friendly advice and encouragement.
  • Keep in mind that you may need to rethink some of your initial ideas, hence the first tip.
  • Social Studies Rescue focuses on, you guessed it, Social Studies. See Challenges in Building the Transcontinental Railroad.
  • And for another relevant resource, be sure to check out Chalk Dust Diva’s From the Bay of Pigs to the Cuban Missile Crisis lecture (U.S. History).

High School Teachers Pay Teachers ELA

  • Open Classroom writes, “What amazes me most about Teachers Pay Teachers is the variety and quality of HS offerings that effectively meet the different needs of learners while remaining creative, engaging, and Common Core aligned. TPT is also a great resource for teachers who want to add a new perspective to a text or liven up materials that are taught year after year.”
  • Julie Conlon has a good branding technique for the entire ella ella store and gets rave reviews for ella’s response activity to ella ella’s novel for independent reading.
  • Laura Randazzo’s shop is packed with great resources and Ella’s graphics are perfect for High School.
  • Literary Roses keeps its objectives clear. Try it out from Her Introduction to Colonial Literature and Puritanism for Eleventh Grade English.
    Addie Williams’ Advice “I think the biggest advice for BUYERS is to not be afraid to try something new; a lot of us get stuck and think we should do what we’ve always done.” Test her with her advertising techniques: she creates her own ad. Fun things!
  • The Classroom Sparrow suggests: “High school teachers don’t realize what they’re missing! Students in today’s society need more than questions from the back of a textbook or chapter questions for novel study. I really try to create lessons that meet the interests of a variety of students. I have found some of the best activities to make my lessons more engaging and interactive through Teachers Pay Teachers.” Listen, listen, the Classroom Sparrow!

TPT High School French, Spanish, Technology, and More

  • The section title is inspired by Lessons from Liz, whose store offers French, Spanish, technology, and more!
  • How about a warm up exercise for your drama class, or maybe you just need a break from the same old? Try David McLean’s artist preparation activities.

The TPT, Spelling and Technology store can help your class create a comic strip using Microsoft Word 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Resource of High School Teachers Pay Teachers.